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Lost CatsMy cat is missing. What should I do?Check our FOUND pages to see if anyone has reported seeing/found your cat. For further advice please see our Lost Cat Advice  or contact us.Email: lostfound @ croydoncpcats.org.ukTelephone the Helpline: 020 8763 0072If you have lost a cat please use the Lost Cat Form 
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Name: Lola
Area: Littleheath Road, South Croydon, CR2
Details: Lola is very small for her age and is a shorthaired Black and White female with White bib and paws. She is neutered and microchipped. Lola's family and brother are missing her very much, if you have seen her please contact Lost and Found or take her along to a local vet for microchip scan.
Missing since: 14 September, 2017

Last Update: 21 Sep 2017
Name: Buster
Area: Cricklade Avenue, Streatham Hill, SW2
Details: Buster is a vivid Ginger male with White feet, tummy and bib. He does have a bend at the end of his tail and also has Amber eyes. Buster is neutered and microchipped and wearing collar. If you have seen Buster please take along to a local vet or contact Lost and Found.
Missing since: 22 August, 2017

Last Update: 13 Sep 2017
Name: Badger
Area: Oaks Road, Kenley, CR8
Details: Badger is a longhaired Black and White male with a little black beauty spot on his cheek. He may be feeling disorientated with his surroundings because he has only just started living with his new family, they are desperate in getting him home again. Badger is microchipped so if you see him please take along to a local vet or contact Lost and Found.
Missing since: 12 September, 2017

Last Update: 12 Sep 2017
Name: Gandalf
Area: Morland Road, Croydon, CRO
Details: Gandalf is a shorthaired Grey/Brown Tabby with Green eyes. He is a little nervous around people and is microchipped but not neutered. Gandalf is wearing a 'GREY collar with bell' attached. If you have seen this cat please contact Lost and Found.
Missing since: 03 September, 2017

Last Update: 12 Sep 2017
Area: Canterbury Road, Croydon, CRO
Details: Female Black and White cat missing from home. She is 6 years old, neutered but not microchipped or wearing a collar. If you have seen this family pet please contact Lost and found.
Missing since: 05 September, 2017

Last Update: 08 Sep 2017
Name: Merlin
Area: Queen Elizabeths Drive, New Addington, CRO
Details: Merlin is a male, shorthaired Black cat who is neutered but not microchipped. He is 8 years old and not wearing a collar. If you have seen Merlin please contact Lost and Found.
Missing since: 02/09/17

Last Update: 04 Sep 2017
Name: KitKat
Area: Derby Road, Croydon, CRO
Details: KitKat is a shorthaired pure Black domestic female cat. She has been neutered but not microchipped. Her family are very keen to get her home again and would be grateful if you contact Lost and Found if you have seen her.
Missing since: 13 August, 2017

Last Update: 03 Sep 2017
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