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Lost CatsMy cat is missing. What should I do?Check our FOUND pages to see if anyone has reported seeing/found your cat. For further advice please see our Lost Cat Advice  or contact us.Email: lostfound @ croydoncpcats.org.ukTelephone the Helpline: 020 8763 0072If you have lost a cat please use the Lost Cat Form 
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Name: Evie
Area: Greyhound Lane, Streatham Common, SW16
Details: Evie is a white and brown 7 years old female ragdoll. Evie is very fluffy, she has blue eyes and is friendly and curious. She normally wears a collar as pictured.Evie is neutered and cannot be bred from.
Missing since: Monday 18th July, 2016

Last Update: 27 Jul 2016
Name: Misty
Area: Chesney Cresent, New Addington, CRO ORN
Details: British Shorthaired female with blue tint, grey fur and Beige markings on her chest and paws. Misty is 10 yrs old, neutered and microchipped. No Collar. If you have seen Misty please contact lostfound@croydoncpcats.org.uk
Missing since: Febuary 2016

Last Update: 22 Jul 2016
Name: Minnie
Area: Whitehorse Rd, West Croydon, CRO 2LH
Details: Minnie is a shy petite tabby with White chest and socks. Aged between 1/2 yrs old. She rarely roams from home, her sibling is now very depressed. Unsure if microchipped but is neutered. No collar. If you have seen or found Minnie please contact lostfound@croydoncpcats.org.uk
Missing since: 19/07/2016

Last Update: 22 Jul 2016
Name: Snowy
Area: Johnson Rd, Croydon, CRO 2JQ
Details: Shorthaired black and white two year old male, last seen on Johnson Road. He's got a distinctive paw-shaped marking on his back. Snowy is neutered but not microchipped. Collar worn. If you have seen or found this family cat please email lostfound@croydoncpcats.org.uk
Missing since: 15/July/16

Last Update: 19 Jul 2016
No image
Name: Rocky
Area: Kensington Avenue, Thornton Heath, CR4
Details: A young male tabby cat lost from the Golf Road area, Thornton Heath. He was last seen in Kensington Avenue, Thornton Heath, Not neutered or chipped. Wearing a collar.( Awaiting photo)
Missing since:

Last Update: 14 Jul 2016
No image
Name: Frank
Area: Ridden Road, Lewisham, SE12
Details: Frank is a male 5 year old Red Persian cat. He is neutered and microchipped and cannot be used for breeding.
Missing since: Thursday 30 June, 2016

Last Update: 11 Jul 2016
Name: Mo
Area: Chalfont Road, South Norwood, S525
Details: A black shorthaired female cat cat has been reported missing in the South Norwood area. Microchipped. (no photo available)
Missing since: Wednesday 15 June, 2016

Last Update: 10 Jul 2016
Reg Charity No. 203644 (England and Wales); SC037711 (Scotland).