Guide to Adopting a Cat

There are many reasons why you should adopt a cat. The playful nature of cats adds a thrill to life. Moreover, who does not enjoy the soft purrs and cuddles that cats give so generously? On the humane side, adopting a cat allows them a good and long life that they wouldn’t have had if they were left in the street as strays. The reason some people hesitate from adopting cats is that they are afraid the cats might not be safe, or that their families may not adjust to having a cat.

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Tips and Tricks

*Do research: Adopting a cat is a big deal. It is not something that should be done on the whim. You need to do your research to find out the kind of cat you need, including specifics such as the species, colour and age. This makes it easier for you to find the perfect fit for your needs.

*Evaluate your lifestyle: Adopting a cat requires commitment. The reason there are very many stray cats is that cat owners never quite understand the responsibility which cat ownership comes with. Think of your lifestyle and things like how often you travel, how many hours you are away from home, and whether you will ever need someone to take care of the cat while you are away.

*Get the history: If you are adopting the cat from an organisation that takes care of stray cats, you should always make sure that you have known the history of the cat that you are adopting. This allows you to know if the cat has had a history of aggression or any disease that you should know of before taking the cat home.

There is a great satisfaction that comes with adopting cats. Try it for yourself and for the sake of the cat.

Adopting Stray Cats

There are two types of stray cats; feral cats and regular strays. Feral cats are those that have never had human contact and are used to living outdoors. They are timid and fearful of humans; hence, they cannot be adopted by humans for indoor living. For feral cats, feeding, neutering, and getting regular medical checks are enough to continue being outdoor cats. Strays were previously owned by humans and are friendly around them. They can easily be rehabilitated and taken into a home.

If you are looking to adopt a stray cat, here are some tips to help you in the process.

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Do Research

Do due diligence to ensure the cat doesn’t have an owner. You can check out owner tags on their necks. You can also ask around your neighborhood, post on social media, or put up posters to confirm they have no owner in the neighborhood. If no one claims the cat, it could mean the cat has no owner and is safe for adoption.

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Find a Veterinary

Get a vet to check their health and offer key vaccinations. In case they are of age, get them neutered to ensure they don’t contribute to the cat litter population. Feed them and give them time to adapt to you and your household. Avoid petting them if they don’t like it. With time, they will warm up to you.

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Find a Separate Room

If you have other cats, consider getting the strays a separate room as other cats’ hostility could make them fearful and run away. Gradually introduce them to other cats and watch how both react to each other.