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Cats are beautiful. They spend most of their days sleeping, but when they are awake, they are a ball of joy. Sadly, not all cats have a warm place where they can sleep, so it is common to see stray cats rummaging through dustbins in search of food. This should never be the case with any animal that should be a pet. Welcome to where you get information on cats and organisations that rehabilitate and rehome cats.

Why Cats

If you are wondering why this site has chosen to focus on cats, the simple answer is: why not cats? There are many animals out there that need protection, and cats are just one of them. On this site, there is a team of people who are dedicated to giving all the relevant details about cats. They are not just knowledgeable about these feline animals, but they are also passionate about the well being of cats. Since there has been an increase in the number of stray cats being spotted up and about the street, this site should not have come at a better time. There have also been several cases of people abandoning their cats and leaving them alone during relocations, and the essence of this site is to teach cat lovers and those that are thinking of adopting cats the right ways to take care of the animals.

Getting Involved

The number of organizations that are taking care of stray cats has been increasing in the UK. This is a good sign that more attention is being put into ensuring no cat is left to suffer. There is still more that needs to be done, and that is why this site exists. Whether you are thinking of setting up an organization for stray cats, or you love cats and you want to be involved in their well being, there is so much that you can do. You will learn how to make your input count through the content that is produced here. There is always something to give, and it does not have to be monetary. Even sparing time to work at a rescue and rehabilitation centre for cats is enough. Feel free to contact this page with questions and comments and you can be sure of immediate feedback.